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1880 Wooden Railroad Depot

South Side of the early 1880 Passenger & Freight Depot from about 1900. Original Mounted Photograph from the BHPA Collection (gift from Ron Hineline, 2007) Catalog No. DPT-0019

Built: 1880
Located: North of the corner of 14th & Front Streets

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The 1880 Depot

Originally the 1880 Depot was built at the crossroads of the north-south tracks of the old Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis & Omaha line (CStPM&O) and the east-west tracks of the Sioux City & Pacific line, approximately at the same location as the 1910 brick depot that many members of the community remember at Front and 14th streets. This 1880 depot was the second depot in Blair, taking over the function of the three-story Blair House Hotel & Depot built in 1869 that was located west of 16th Street and north of the railroad tracks. The 1880 depot was moved west a couple of blocks and used for storage and freight after the 1910 depot was built.  Later it was again moved north across the tracks and west across Walker Avenue (today 16th Street) and stood basically unnoticed by most except railroad buffs and historians.

The 1882 there is mention that “a beautiful passenger depot has been built by the  Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha  and Sioux City & Pacific  railroads at Blair” (5)  causing one to believe that both Railroad lines joined in building  an passenger depot.  Most likely, these early depots were a simple wood framed structure.


5 History of the State of Nebraska;  A. T. Andreas,  1882
“The stations opened during the year 1881 are Wakefield, Wayne, Flournoy, Craig and Hiland. A beautiful passenger depot has been built by the C., St. P., M. & O. and S. C. & P. R. R., at Blair.”

“The Sioux City & Pacific running through from east to west, twenty miles; and the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha, twenty miles, running through from north to south. These two roads have completed an elegant and commodious frame union depot at Blair. ”

See also:  A Town Named Blair by Lou Schmitz

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