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2022 Historical Calendar

2022 Washington County Historic Picture Calendar

Crimes, Murders and Bad Behavior in Washington County History

The 2021 historic picture calendar focused on a number of public servants and highlighted their good deeds and contributions to Blair and Washington County history. This year we take an opposite tact and focus on the seamy side of local history with crimes, murders and general bad behavior that occurred in and around Washington County. The calendar’s back cover of headlines hints at deeds ranging from horrible to naughty. Most stories are well documented by newspapers and other reliable sources but some are local lore or stories passed down over the years.

The calendar is printed in black ink on a buff color paper.  Closed, 11-1/2 x 11 inches; open, 23 x 11.

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Purchase a Calendar – Makes a Great Christmas Gift!

Calendars cost $10.00 each and all profits support the historic missions of the BHPA and the WCHA. Calendars are available at the following locations.

  • Washington County Chamber of Commerce
  • Washington County Museum in Fort Calhoun

You can also order a calendar using the form below.

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Free local delivery in Blair
$7.50 postage and handling fee for addresses outside of Blair

Calendars from previous years are available

You can also purchase calendars from previous years for just $5 to enjoy wonderful pictures from Blair’s past. Available years are below. Use the form below to order past years’ calendars.

  • 2021 – Public Servants
  • 2020 – Social Life in Early Washington County
  • 2019 – Fort Atkinson Bicentennial
  • 2018 – 100 Years of The Washington County Fair
  • 2017 – Founders and Families of Washington County
  • 2016 – Historic Tour of Washington County

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