Blair’s Downtown – Block 38

Lots 16-21

1909 Sanborn Map

Lots in 2003

Lots 16-19

  • 1929 Everett Aronson owned then Floyd Evans, nephew of Ralph, and Ralph Vinton (click for more information) bought, then called it Vinton-Evans. Floyd left after a year.
  • In forties Ralph’s sons, Gordon and Keith “Kayo” joined.
  • Early sixties, incorporated and became Vinton Motor Company. Grandsons G.Richard and Bob joined.
  • Vinton’s originally was in corner, east of it was a used car lot.
  • New cars were shown in basement of Vinton building.

Lots 20-21

  • Advance Cleaners was east of Vinton’s
  • East of Vinton’s there was a dentist’s office. Cecil Gilbert bought the building, lived there awhile, then moved it (May, 1952) to Jackson Street
  • Next to Fitch’s Tavern (more information needed)
  • There were one or two old houses — on lots 20 & 21
  • Beauty shop — Marge Bennett, early ’60s — old building east of Vinton’s

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