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First Lutheran Church

Also known as the Danish Lutheran Church
South side of Block 58, Original Town Plat, Lot 19

The history of First Lutheran Church began in 1881 when Pastor A. M. Andersen visited Blair and held Danish services for Lutherans in the Congregational Church.  In 1884 a congregation was organized and a church was erected which cost $650.00.  In 1891 the structure was enlarged, but in 1902, it was sold and made into a residence which stands in the Blair swimming pool park.  In these early years, Pastors’ G. B. Christiansen and A. Rasmussen followed Pastor Andersen.

In 1902 a new brick church was built at a cost of approximately $4000.00  This building underwent several remodeling and served the congregation until 1956.  Serving as pastors in this church were Harald Jensen Kent, Kr. Anker, A. Th. Schultz, H. Nielsen, James N. Lund, and Harold Jorgensen.

In 1955 and 1956 while Harold Jorgensen was pastor a large brick edifice was erected on a new site which included a parish education wing.  After the resignation of Pastor Jorgensen, George Pallesen was called to serve as pastor in 1959. During these years the congregation had grown significantly and enlarged the scope of its ministry.  In 1968 Pastor Robert Albers was called as assistant pastor; however prior to this the work of the congregation had been assisted by a visitation pastor and four interns.  After Pastor Pallesen resigned as senior pastor in 1969 Pastor Albers was called to assume that office, and Pastor Sanford Sorgen was called to be his assistant.  In 1975 Pastor Sorgen resigned and Pastor John Peterson was called to be Associate pastor.  Upon the resignation of Pastor Albers, John Peterson assumed the position of senior pastor and Kurt Sortland was called to serve as Associate Pastor.  In the summer of 1980 Pastor Peterson resigned as senior pastor and the congregation is presently in the process of calling a new senior pastor.  Submitted by Mrs. Florence Hanson.

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