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Congregational Church

Blair’s Churches

Published in 1882 —  “The religious interests of Blair are also well provided for, there being five churches, Methodist Episcopal, United Brethren, Congregational, Baptist and Catholic.”

Methodist Episcopal Church  – 1869
“The Methodist Episcopal Church was moved from Cuming City to Blair in the summer of 1869. The first sermon was preached in this year by Rev. Jacob Adriance, in a car at the railroad station, previous to the removal of the church. Rev. Adriance became the first regular minister. The present church edifice and parsonage are worth about $4,000, and membership forty.” *

United Brethren Church –  1879
“The first sermon was preached to the United Brethren by Rev. Mr. Belknap, who became their first regular minister. Their present church was built in 1879, at a cost of nearly $600. They now have a membership of forty.” *

Congregational Church – 1874
The church had been organized on February 19, 1870 and by November 22, 1874 the new building had been completed and dedicated.

Baptist Church  – 1869
18th & Lincoln Streets  205 S 18th Street, Northeast corner of Block 59, Original Town Plat, Lots 1-3

Danish Lutheran Church (a.k.a. First Lutheran Church)
22nd & Jackson Streets
Northwest corner of Block 15, Dexter Addition, Lots 5&6
A new Church (First Lutheran) was later built one block north at 22nd & Wright Streets.

Free Methodist Church
21st Street between Jackson & Park Streets
North side of Block 14, Dexter 2nd Addition, Lot 6

Presbyterian Church
20th & Washington Streets
Northeast corner of Block 42, Sixth Addition,  Lot 1

German Lutheran Church
20th & Lincoln Streets
Southeast corner of Block 42, Sixth Addition,  Lot 12

Christian Church
20th & Lincoln Streets
Northeast corner of Block 61, Sixth Addition, Lot 1

Episcopal Church – 1882
Grant Street (between 17th & 18th Streets)
1734 Grant Street
South side of Block 58, Original Town Plat, Lot 19

Methodist Church
17th & Colfax
Southwest corner of Block 65, Original Town Plat, Lots 7 & 8

Catholic Church
15th & Colfax Streets
South West Corner of Block 67, Original Town Plat, Lot 7

7th Day Advent Church
Grant Street (Between 14th & 15th Streets)
South side of Block 55, Original Town Plat, Lot 19

Church of Christ
1432 Grant Street

LDS Church
Lincoln Street (Between 14th & 15th Streets)
North side of Block 55, Original Town Plat, Lot 13 & 14

Assembly of God Church
1432 Washington Street

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