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Assembly of God Church

Located: 1432 Washington Street, South side of Block 58, Original Town Plat, Lot 19

The Blair Assembly of Good Church was started largely through the efforts of the late Leroy Baxter who although raised near Blair, lived in Idaho for a time where he accepted Christ in an Assembly Church.  After returning to Blair he endeavored to state and Assembly here.

In 1934 services were held in a vacant store building across the street from the school office building which was formerly the Post Office, with Rev. Weaver as pastor.  Early in 1935, revival services were held with Marjorie Ball, a young lady from the western part of Nebraska as the Evangelist.  She later went to Africa as a missionary with her husband Murray Brown.  The Browns visited the Blair Church several times when they were home on furloughs, telling of their work and experiences in Africa (which was enjoyed by all who attended.)

The Weavers left Blair later in 1935 but Bible studies and prayer meeting were held in homes until 1941 when services were started in the present church building at 1432 Washington St. under the leadership of Rev. Pollard.

The he building known as Germania Hall, also called the tin hall because of its metal exterior, had previously been used for dances, etc.

The Pollards left Blair in 1945 and Rev. Ernest Aldriege become pastor of the church.  Soon after their arrival the building was purchased and remodeled.  An apartment was constructed in the basement to serve as a parsonage and the outside stuccoed.

Early ministers and the dates they served the church are as follows:

  • Russell Umphenour  February 1949 to August 1952
  • Leroy Hamburger  August 1952 – August 1957
  • Nolan Blaukkolb October 1957 to October 1962
  • Magnus Anderson December 1962 to August 1964
  • Tackitts  August 1964 to March 1965
  • Anderson   March 1965 to August 1976
  • Perry Baublitz  August 1967 to April 1973
  • Carl Ramseys April 1973 to October 1977
  • Wm. Jay  May 1978 to August  1980
  • Dave Cordaro  October 1980

The house east of the church was purchased for a parsonage in February 1971

Many of those who attended this church in the early years, have passed away and also many have moved to other locations but others have taken their places.  Submitted by Mrs. Roy Paulson.

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