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Lincoln Highway Markers

Early highway marker were constructed with a variety of methods: Metal Signs, Painted Fence Posts & Telephone poles, and everything else in between.

While initially this was considered progress, very soon it began to look like a “Barber Pole”.  This concerned Lincoln Highway Officials and soon thereafter they devised a plan to standardize signage on the Highway.

It was both an expensive proposition and a logistical nightmare. Right Arrows, Left Arrows, 30 miles to Omaha, 200 Miles to Salt Lake, not to mention vandals, thieves, and target shooters.

Each year they put up literally thousand and thousands of signs only to come back the next year and find 30 to 50 percent missing or damaged.

Then in 1928 as the days of the named Highways came to an end, The Lincoln Highway Association working with Boy Scouts came up with a daring plan. To place 3400 Concrete Markers across the country and secure The Lincoln Highway as a Living and Perpetual Memorial to the Great Abraham Lincoln-All in one Day.

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