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Church of Christ

Located: South side of Block 58, Original Town Plat, Lot 19

To the best of my knowledge efforts were put forth as early as 1976 by L. J. Anderson with the Nebraska Campaign for Christ based at York, Nebraska. Also, workers for that campaign came from the Southwest Church of Christ and the North Omaha Church of Christ and from the Church of Christ at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The campaign used the “TRUTH” series. At the time of the campaign the known members of the church living in Blair were Beulah Messer, Terry Paulsen, Ione Tedrow, Marie Lawrence, and Mrs. & Mrs. John Martin. These members were either attending at Fremont or North Omaha. No congregation was started in 1976.

In January of 1977 the Blair Church of Christ began meeting at 1432 Grant in a building rented from the Seventh-Day-Adventisits who had ceased to meet in Blair some years ago. The congregation was assisted by L. J. Anderson, the Southwest congregation and the North Omaha Congregation and received financial assistance from Broken Arrow Church on Christ and the Blackwell Church of Christ in Oklahoma. They began searching for a preacher immediately and on several occasions thought they had found a man. One of the men who was to come to Blair had a car accident at highway #133 and #26 the first Sunday he was to be here. Another changed his mind at the last minutes. Finally Kent Snover was contacted and invited to consider moving to Blair which he did in July of 1977.

Those know to be in attendance in January of 1977 were Beulah Messer, Terry Paulson, Ione Tedrow, Marie Lawrence, Mark and Aggie Eckert, Jack, Pat, Julie and Janie Smith, Hilma Eckert, and Mr. and Mrs. John Martin and family.

In June 1977 another campaign was conducted in Blair with L. J. Anderson of the Nebraska Campaigns for Christ with works from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Southwest Church of Christ in Omaha, North Omaha Church of Christ, and members of the Blair congregation. Also, Kent Snover assisted for one week of the campaign. Ella King was baptized into Christ shortly after that campaign and began meeting with the congregation her. Then in the fall of the year the Evans family of Elkhorn began meeting with us a did Joe, Wilma, David and Laura Vosberg of Mo. Valley, Iowa.

In 1978 Greylan and Kay Tuggle and family began meeting with us as did Val and Irene Kokomas and family of Valley, Neb. and Larry and Wanda Remers and family of Elkhorn, Neb. However, the Evans family moved to Iowa.

No campaign was concluded in 1978 but in January of 1978 the church started publishing a weekly article in the Enterprise which is still being published. The congregation here gives limited assistance to the television program “Let The Bible Speak.” Also, we try to contact each newcomer of the Blair area. Extensive mail work was begun and continues to be done at this time. In the fall of the year Danny Andersen, Don Penke, and Dave Bohuslawsky were taught and all three ended up obeying the gospel of Christ by being baptized into Christ. In January of 1979 the congregation had grown form the 17th first started meeting here to about 34. Through the year much door knocking was done, we continued our newspaper work, we continued to assist the television program and greeting the newcomers and started a tract work. We began to make visits to the jail in an effort to reach prisoners.

In January of 1980 the congregation here obtained a piece of ground on the South side of South Creak an the West side of 13th Street for a future building site. Plans started and are under way to begin building something in the future. A mail-out campaign with the “Water of Life” material was begun and continues at this time. Floyd Lawrence was baptized in October and put on Christ at the time. Our other works continue at the present time too. By Kent Snover, minister.

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